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Ingredients: Dong quai, peony, lady’s mantle, mugwort, cramp bark, ginger, clary sage, rose, cinnamon, valerian; evening primrose, extra virgin olive + coconut oils, local beeswax.

Apply anytime during your moon-cycle to any part of your body, to reduce symptoms of PMS, period or ovulation pain. Also to correct an irregular moon-cycle.

Hand made by Janella in the Byron Hinterland, using only quality ingredients – organic or wildcrafted medicinal herbs, sustainably – produced essential oils, local beeswax, organic coconut oil, loads of love.

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  1. Jillikin_Billikin (verified owner)

    I received this beautiful product in the mail today specifically made without coconut oil and lavender as they are my triggers, and as soon as I opened the mail package portion the fragrance came wafting through and was absolutely stunning. Even with my migraine I swooped the brown paper packed balm tied with a red string up to my nose and inhaled deeply. I could feel my migraine just ease. I was filled with so much gratitude that Janella hand made these products with such care and love, that I am wondering how long these products do last as I want to buy another and another and another right now.

    Additionally, the balm isn’t sticky once you put it on your skin, and normally I am sensitive to fragrances as they are a trigger for my migraines but this one seems to sit well with me today. Anyone with migraines, IBS, perimenopause and age (40+), knows that things can change instantly, so I am hoping that the Universe will be kind to me and let me love these little tubs of pure bliss for many years to come.

    • Janella

      I’m thrilled you love them Cathy.
      They will last for ages and ages. The beeswax in them will preserve them for years. ????

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