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“Love the way Janella talks with words. It is as if she is in the room consulting with you! Can’t wait to read it over and over and use it as an everyday reference book. I have bought 5 of them to share with my sisters.”

“I have read many very good books and articles on transformation, well being, health and diet,  but this one by Janella is an exceptional resource.  It is such an easy read and a real page turner. It’s full of personality and credibility.  It is grounded in common sense,  yet is inspirational in its wisdom and insight that definitely springs from extensive knowledge and learning, all of which is enriched and validated by what seems to be Janella’s own authentic journey.  There is a refreshing holistic integration in this book of body, mind and spirit, which is all centred and rooted in the heart.  I love this book and all that it offers.”

“I simply had to message you and say that your new book is just brilliant, I have been carrying it in my bag for a while it’s truly like a Bible. I have all your books and adore them. You are simply amazing.” – Stephanie

Your 40 Day Transformation

Are you confused by the vast amount of health information available? Do you want to know the truth about what’s going into the food you’re eating, how it’s been grown, and why it may be affecting your health? Why have people never been so sick? And where does the truth about how to live as a well being really lie?

In these pages, you will finally learn how to heal yourself naturally. Freedom from ‘mystery illnesses’ to which modern medicine has no answers, can, at last, be yours. If you are silently suffering with poor health; not knowing where to turn next, or have perhaps been told you it’s all in your head, before being prescribed anti-depressants, sleeping tablets, the pill, HRT or steroids, Your 40 Day Transformation can be the comforting health guidance you need.

21st century health conditions are complex, and need to be treated in the same way. Looked at from every direction. Today, there isn’t even a name for most of the symptoms we’re currently dealing with. There are so many new conditions-and even more symptoms-that most doctors are at a loss to know how to handle each person’s body/mind imbalance. Your 40 Day Reset Program, the last section of this book, will gently guide you back to being the well-being that you crave to be. It has dozens of recipes for every meal, as well as a monthly planner.

Diet is just one part of good health. There are seven other lifestyle choices that can add to or subtract from our wellbeing- different types of stressors (emotional, physical and chemical), the quality of the air we breathe, our sense of connection and belonging, and how much we laugh, exercise, meditate and sleep. Each of these aspects have been explored and discussed, so you will finally know what’s beneficial to your health and happiness, and what’s definitely not.

Natural medicine doesn’t usually provide you with a quick fix-the body needs time and the right circumstances to heal, deeply and from within. If we allow the body to do its job, most of the time, healing will occur naturally. In these pages are the tools you need for your journey back to vibrant health.

Published 2019

“Well constructed recipe book. Informative and interesting recipes. Amazing flavours easily obtained following the easy instructions.”

“Brilliant Book! LOVE it. Would recommend to anyone. Beautiful, yummy recipes inside. Hard to choose which one to use first!”

Janella’s Super Natural Foods

Keeping it deliciously simple is Janella’s healthy food philosophy. Using many superfoods and grains, she has created over 150 fantastic recipes that the whole family will love.

Superfoods. Food as medicine. Supergrains. Fermented foods. Wholefoods. Keep it simple.In Janella’s Super Natural Foods every recipe will help you to achieve better health and beauty.

With over 150 delicious recipes for healthy breakfasts, lunches, dinners, desserts, snacks, drinks and sauces, Janella uses wholefoods to satisfy everyone. A dynamic mix of superfoods and a good old-fashioned plant-based diet, Janella’s philosophy of using food as medicine is simple and easy to follow.

Many of the recipes have been influenced by Janella’s travels to Italy, Japan, India, the Middle East and South East Asia – healthy food has never been so tantalising nor so easy to create in your kitchen. Clearly marked throughout with symbols for gluten-free, vegan, vegetarian, dairy-free, raw, soy-free, nut-free or grain-free, each recipe also contains alternative ingredient suggestions to please all your friends and family.

As a talented naturopath, nutritionist, wellness coach, herbalist and environmentalist, Janella Purcell is eager to share her wealth of knowledge and experience. Her passion for cooking and keeping things simple means that staying healthy has never been easier.

Published 2014

“Purcell hits home with her healthy and hearty selections, creative choices which come well recommended as her expertise as a nutritionist informs her cookbook” Australian Good Food Guide.

“Janella Purcell, star of television’s Good Chef Bad Chef was advocating a wholefood diet long before it was cool. A nutritionist, naturopath and cook, she lives her food philosophy passionately, something which shines through in her new cookbook.”

Janella’s Wholefood Kitchen

Easy, enticing and lick-your-fingers delicious recipes using nothing but whole foods – those as close to the way nature created them as possible – from Gourmand-awarded nutritionist, naturopath and cook, Janella Purcell.

Good health starts in your kitchen and Janella Purcell, Gourmand-awarded nutritionist, naturopath and cook, shows you how – easily and deliciously.

Janella Purcell is passionate about healthy eating, about eating food that is as close to the way nature created it as possible, and – most importantly – about making wholefoods easy, enticing and lick-your-fingers delicious. ‘My passion comes from knowing how much better you feel eating wholefoods, and subsequently how much easier life is when your body is working well. And it’s simple to eat and cook in this way.’

In Janella’s Wholefood Kitchen, Janella shares 130 tempting recipes that make healthy wholefoods the star of your table. With each recipe clearly marked as vegetarian, vegan, raw, dairy free or gluten free, from soups to main courses, party foods to salads and desserts, this is a cookbook that will start you on the path, or continue your journey, to a healthy lifestyle.

Published 2012

“Anyone who loves healthy cooking & eating should have this book for their use.”

“Janella Purcell is nothing short of brilliant….what a wonderful nutritionist & a superb chef… I have recommended this book to dozens of my friends…..thank you, Janella…”

Janella’s Eating for the Seasons

Want to get that extra bounce in your step? Follow these healthy, delicious and easy to follow recipes designed to maximise the benefits of eating according to the season.

‘Janella challenges our perception of food and the part it plays in our everyday lives. But hey, it works and her recipes are delicious. I never considered that red quinoa, tamari, silken tofu & kombu would ever be part of my cooking repertoire but now I can’t live without them! Thanks Janella!’ – Award-winning restaurateur, chef and popular food celebrity Gary Mehigan

Janella Purcell is passionate about good food and feeling great. And she wants to share her knowledge. Drawing inspiration from Traditional Chinese Medicine as well as the Japanese macrobiotic diet, Janella’s recipes encompass what we should be eating in each season and the sorts of foods our bodies need to remain healthy and strong. Just as importantly, Janella’s food is simply delicious.

Open the book and enjoy the range of beautiful and easy recipes that take you from breakfast through to dessert with yummy, healthy drinks and snacks for any hour. Dedicated to a core philosophy of food as medicine and focusing on gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan and vegetarian options, Eating for the Seasons is a refreshing and entirely delicious approach to food and flavours that might just change your outlook, your health and your life.

Published 2011


“Janella Purcell’s Elixir is a treasure-trove of valuable information about your health and how to use food as medicine to improve the quality of your life.”

“Loved this book. So much information for those who are into the ‘natural’ way of life, or for those heading down that path. A perfect reference book.”

Janella’s Elixir

One of Australia’s leading naturopaths and nutritionists, shares her expertise in foods, health and nutrition, and shows you how to care for yourself, naturally and easily, using food as medicine at home.

To reap the most out of your life, invest time and thought into your health. And enjoy every moment of it. Janella Purcell knows that the food you eat affects your mind and spirit as well as your physical body. In this invaluable book she shares her expertise in food, health and nutrition, and shows you how to care for yourself naturally, using food as medicine at home.

Entertaining, practical and comprehensive, this revised edition of Elixir covers a wide variety of subjects and information, ranging from suggestions for healthy ageing and why you should use organic produce to tips for those suffering from headache, fatigue, immunity problems, fertility issues and digestive complaints.

Janella Purcell’s Elixir introduces you to what Eastern philosophy has been practising for thousands of years — the interconnectedness of the body, mind and spirit and how this affects your state of mind, health and personality. Shortlisted for The World Food Media Awards in the category of Best Health Nutrition Book, Elixir is a book to use, keep and treasure.

Edition 1 Published 2004
Edition 2 Published 2012


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