Oils for Acid Reflux

1. Place 1-2 drops Lemon essential oil on your tongue, swish with saliva, and swallow. The swishing action with saliva is the first step to tell the stomach to stop producing acid. (Lemon is alkaline in the body)

2. Prepare your gut for food by adding 1-2 drops lemon essential oil to water. Drink before and during your meal.

3. Apply 2-3 drops of ginger or lemon oil on your abdomen, rubbing clockwise around naval 3 times. Mix with carrier oil for sensitive skin or children. (See my post yesterday on carrier oils.)

4. Mix 1-2 drops peppermint oil and 1 tsp honey into warm water for a soothing herbal tea.

You can also use other oils for reflux and digestive issues – coriander, pink grapefruit, cypress.

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