Adrenal Fatigue: Lifestyle Recommendations

Keep it simple, by doing less. Practice ‘The Law Of Least Effort’, and follow these recommendations.

– Sleep and Naps: Aim to be in bed and asleep by 10pm, otherwise your adrenal glands will give you a second wind thinking you’re in danger/ fight or flight. You want to be asleep before you get the 11pm -1/2am energy burst, (that also makes you want to eat)! Try to get at least 8-10 hours a night as your adrenal glands recoup when you’re asleep; it’s one of the best tools for recovery. Daytime rest breaks are important throughout the day also. Anywhere from a quick 20 minute kip to 2 hours.

– Meditation: This is the best thing you can do for your adrenal glands. Full stop.

– Stress: Avoid situations, toxic chemicals, people,  and thoughts that cause you pain and stress. It’s very important we manage our stress by learning a mediation technique and practicing Mindfulness. Do what makes you happy as much as you can. Avoid multi-tasking. Less is more.

– Avoid multi-tasking

– Reduce or eliminate recreational drugs and your alcohol intake, which both can make symptoms worse.

– Regular Exercise: Helps to improve hormonal balance and sleep quality. Follow this rule – go until you can’t anymore, rest until you can. Also reduce high intensity cardio’ exercises and replace them with gentle exercises, for now anyway. Avoid pushing yourself at all. Exercise produces cortisol, making AF worse. Go slow! Try Qi Going, restorative yoga, a beach walk and swim, mindful walking, gentle swimming or cycling. A good way to know if you’ve done too much, is how you feel after you exercise. If you’re exhausted – yep, too much.

– Toxic Chemicals: Reduce your exposure to these hormone disruptors as much as you can – in your cleaning products, cosmetics, home furnishings, and in your food. Go organic! 

– Rule out Addison’s Disease (insufficient levels of cortisol in the blood) and Cushing’s Syndrome (excessive amounts).  


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