Black Tahini

black tahini

You’ll find it in your health food shop (better option) and deli’s.
According to ‘Traditional Chinese Medicine’, dark and black foods are connected to the Kidney, so that means winter is the time to include them. The kidney rules the hair, sexual organs, bones, knees and ears. The high (good) oil content in tahini is great for the skin, bowels and heart. Black sesame seeds are highly prized in Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine for –

– moisturising the intestines, thereby preventing constipation
– to enrich the blood
– For a glowing complexion
– For hair growth and to delay greying
– To strengthen the functions of the liver and kidney
– To normalise blood pressure.
– Anaemic conditions due to its high iron content.
– To improve the memory and improve vitality

black sesame

Spread it on toast with raw honey or rice syrup, or use it wherever you would white tahini. It’s pretty nice with carob molasses and yoghurt. (A traditional Middle Eastern thing to eat.) Some tahini producers using caustic soda (eek) to unhull their seeds, so look for an organic brand. ‪

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