One Pot Winter Warmers: ‘Peasant Soup’.

An inexpensive, easy, tasteee and quick soup. It likes to be frozen, and will last there for about 3 months. […]

One Pot Winter Warmers: ‘Chinese Eggplant + Silken Tofu’

This is one of mine (and yours) favourite recipes. It’s difficult to find a natural dashi powder these days, so […]

One Pot Winter Warmers: ‘San Choi Bau’

Basically a yummy little stir fry popped into ice berg lettuce cups. The hot veggies in the cool cups is […]

One Pot Winter Warmers: Miso Soup

Ahhhh, my most regularly eaten dish I reckon. Thank Goodness. A few images below of its different looks. Instead of […]

‘One Pot Winter Warmers: ‘Vego’ Goulash’

This is a super easy and basic recipe. Go ahead and add other veggies like red + green capsicum, carrots, […]

One Pot Winter Warmers- ‘Adzuki Beans, Pumpkin and Ginger Casserole’.

This is a classic macrobiotic (Japanese diet) that will fill almost all of your nutritional needs. It’s a perfect winter […]

‘One Pot Winter Warmers’-Fried rice

A trusty ol’ favourite of mine – Fried Rice, and regularly requested dish at my place. I use: 4 eggs […]

Seafood – Prawns

  Prawns. Imported Vannamei and Tiger Prawns are grown in Asia using environmentally destructive techniques, and should be avoided at […]

Seafood- Trout

Trout – @AusMarConSoc list ‘sea-cage farmed’ Trout as SAY NO, and ‘land-based farmed’ Trout as THINK TWICE. Salmon and trout […]


Snapper is in fact part of the Bream family and not a ‘True’ Snapper. Snapper is a much sought after […]