CANDIDA: fermenting yeast

What does belly fat have in common with eating non-organic animal products? Antibiotics! These drugs are used in agriculture for the specific purpose of “beefing up” cattle. And guess what they do to you when you eat animals raised this way? Yup – belly fat and bloat.

This happened because the antibiotics can and do cause more of the not so good bacteria to grow. Over time, in both cattle and people, tissue toxins and fluid build up – leading to bloating, cellulite, fluid retention, and weight gain.

Belly fat is more than just fat. Yeast causes abdominal bloating that can add inches that seems to have life of their own. No amount of fasting, exercising or calorie restrictions will make any difference. (Sigh). This is understandably devastating for anyone trying to loose weight.

How to treat an overgrowth of Candida? Eat organic animal products only, and for more info on treating Candida – use my search engine on my website and type in ‘Candida’.

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