Essential oils for gut health

Be sure to get only therapeutic grade essential oils, and put them in vegan capsules with an enteric coating – […]

HOW TO make Apple Cider Vinegar

  Along with its many other virtues, ACV will help ease almost any gut complaint. The ACV available in supermarkets […]


Switchel is a tart and not overly sweet mix of apple cider vinegar and maple syrup or honey that’s diluted […]

DIY Ant Repellent.

Combine all the ingredients apart from the water in a bucket then transfer to a spray bottle, otherwise it’s likely […]

Use Apple cider Vinegar around the house

Use it in the garden, to freshen up your carpets, stop the itch, de-clog your sink, clean your fridge, remove […]

Health benefits of ACV

Interested in incorporating ACV into your daily routine/diet? Below is a morning detox tea and a raw ACV+honey drink that […]

Healing Apple Cider Vinegar dressing.

Healing Salad Dressing, or a nice marinade or dressing for steamed or roast veggies. 3 tbsp olive oil, 1 tbsp […]

Wash your hair with ACV!

You’re hair will be shiny, soft, strong and clean – all for a fraction of the cost, and with no […]

Apple Cider Vinegar – for Beauty and Body Care.

1. Hair Mask – Use ACV to remove build on hair up from hair car or contaminants in water. The […]

Janella’s ACV (The Elixir of Life)

Let’s take a look at other ways we can cleanse. Cleansing means eliminating toxins from our body (de-tox) whilst ideally […]

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