Many of us are avoiding chemicals in our food, but what about the man-made chemicals in our cosmetics? It’s estimated the average woman applies 515 chemicals to her body a day. That’s a lot right? Taking these unnecessary and toxic chemicals out of your life will free up your organs of elimination allowing them to detox’ more efficiently, instead of the heavy burden they’re under before these chemicals are removed.

The word ‘cosmetics’ covers make up as well as body, hair and skin care, and in Australia manufacturers aren’t required to list the ingredients on the bottle. So how do we know what’s they’re made from? Well, the company’s that are making pure, natural and chemical free products proudly state the ingredients on the bottle. No, they don’t have to but they want us to know what’s inside. Just because words like organic, natural, botanical, essences or herbal are in the name or on the label somewhere means nothing. If it truly is all- natural, and toxic chemical free then it’ll say. If it’s certified organic then you know that it has to be pure, clean and around 95% free of chemicals. In this case look for a certifying symbol on the packaging.

So what to look out for and avoid when buying cosmetics? First up – PARABENS (METHYL, ETHYL, PROPYL AND BUTYL).

As they mimic human estrogen, these products have been linked to breast cancer and decreased fertility, although there has been no conclusive proof to date. It is advisable to avoid all products that include these ingredients. It’s used as a preservative and anti-bacterial agent. It’s present in many cosmetics and personal care products. If it doesn’t say NO PARABENS, then it probably does.

For Natural cosmetics :

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