Epsom Salts

Epsom salts are magnesium sulphate heptahydrate, usually shortened just to magnesium sulphate. It was originally obtained by boiling down mineral waters at Epsom, England. Epsom salts have so many uses, including –

Laxative: for constipation dissolved a teaspoon of epsom salt in warm water. (Don’t rely on it though. Find the underlying cause.)

Tile Cleaner: Mix equal parts of a natural liquid dish soap and epsom salts and use to scrub tile and grout. Rinse well for a streak free shine.

Soil Prep’: Before planting, add a few bags of epsom salt to the soil then water it in to help replenish soil magnesium levels.

epson salt

Smooth skin: Mix 1/2 cup epsom salt with 1/4 cup olive oil and scrub skin in the shower for healthy and smooth skin.

‘Big Hair’ Mask: Combine equal parts of conditioner and epsom salt and leave on hair for 20 minutes. Rinse well and let air dry for thicker hair.

Bath Soak: Add at least 1 cup of epsom salt to a warm bath and soak for 20 minutes. Add a few drops of your favourite essential oil if you like.


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