How To Get Strong, Healthy Nails.

Our nails are made up mostly of a type of protein called Keratin. They are there to protect the sensitive nerves at the tips of our toes and fingers. Your nails should be pink, due to proper blood supply. Any problems are usually indicative of a nutrient deficiency, liver issues or an emotional or physical trauma. The health of our nails tells us a lot about our general health.


Symptom Problem
White nails Liver or kidney problems or anaemia
Yellow nails Liver, respiratory or lymphatic problems, or diabetes (before other symptoms appear)
Dry and brittle Vitamin A and/or calcium deficiency
Round or dark nail tips B12 deficiency
Horizontal or vertical ridges B vitamin deficiency, severe stress or a tendency to develop arthritis
Thick nails Poor circulation; thyroid disease
Wide, square nails Hormonal imbalance
Blue moons at base of nail Lung problems or heavy metal poisoning
Splitting Reduced hydrochloric acid production
Fungus under nail Candida
White spots Zinc deficiency
Concave or vertical ridges Iron deficiency or poor general health
Inflammation around nail bed Vitamin C deficiency or arthritis
Pitted Tendency to hair loss or baldness
No moons Over-active thyroid
Blue moons on nails Rheumatoid Arthritis
Brittle nails Thyroid problems, iron deficiency or poor circulation
Cut and cracked nails Dehydration, drink more water

– Silica or the herb Horsetail for its high silicon content, needed for strong hair, bones and nails

– Calcium and mag for nail growth

– Iron supplement, liquid is best

– Essential fatty acids from flaxseed oil, soy products, royal jelly, parsley or pumpkin seeds for healthy hair, skin and nails

– Use coconut or olive oil to push back your cuticles, don’t cut them as this is harsh and irritating and may cause an infection

– Rub aloe vera into your cuticles and/or under nails for fungal infections

– Foods high in protein from legumes, grains, nuts and seeds

– Sea vegetables are helpful

– Broccoli, fish and onions are high in silicon and sulphur, which helps with nail health

– Carrot juice is very high in calcium and phosphorus, which strengthens nails

– Avoid chemicals on your hands, this dries them out, causes nail problems and may lead to contact dermatitis

– Use a natural hand and nail cream almost daily

– Avoid ‘buffing’ your nails. This really weakens them

– Avoid false nails. These are very damaging to your nails and overall health. (Even being in the salon is toxic enough)

– Use a natural nail polish – there are a few now, thank goodness. Leave the polish off occasionally so your nails can breathe.

– Cut your nails with clippers, avoiding a nail file. Filing will weaken your nails. Keeping them fairly short.

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