Janella’s Immunity Week: SPELT.

An ancient, unchanged whole-grain – with a great capacity to strengthen immunity. It has other benefits to our health as well like being high in protein and a good boost for your immunity.

I can’t eat common wheat flour in Australia, I guess due to the synthetic form of folate it’s fortified with (since the 90’s) called folic acid.

However, it’s not allowed to be added to organic wheat flour and spelt. These flours don’t contain folic acid so many of us will find it easy/ier to digest. (Unless you’re a coeliac and then it’s a no-no as it does contain gluten.)

In it’s rightful place and ratio – gluten isn’t the evil we once thought it was, (for most of us). In fact it’s likely to be the toxic form of folate called folic acid. Especially if you have a MTHFR gene mutation like I do.

You’ll easily find it these days in most stores. Replace your white flour with spelt flour in your pantry.

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