Janellas Iron Week: Where to get your iron on a plant-based diet?

Where to get you iron on a plant-based diet? Check out these levels below. It’s not about trying to get your daily intake of iron in one hit, from one meal. Just be mindful of eating these foods regularly, and keeping an eye on your levels to ensure your gut is absorbing enough. (I add powdered Dulse to almost everything I eat. You don’t notice it’s there.)

Leaky Gut (Intestinal Permeability) and other gut issues can interfere with iron absorption.

Food Per 100 g

Dulse, (sea vegetable) 50 mg
Spirulina 28.5mg
Clam, mussels, oysters 28mg
Liver 23mg
Dark Chocolate 17mg
Sesame seeds 14.6 mg
Amaranth 13 mg
Arame (Sea vegetable) 12 mg
Tahini 9 mg
Lima bean 7.8mg
Pistachios 7.3mg
Dried peaches 6.3mg
Chick peas 6.2 mg
Nuts 6.1mg
Lamb 6.0mg
Spinach and silver beet 3.6mg
Tofu 2.7mg
Beef 2–3 mg
Kale 1.5 mg
Pumpkin 0.8mg

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