Menopause- symptoms

Symptoms are due to a decreased amount in the production of hormones like oestrogen and progesterone from the ovaries. Decreased oestrogen, in particular is of concern, as it has been linked to cardiovascular disease and osteoporosis. Once thought of only as a sex hormone, we now know that oestrogen receptors are found in the bladder, breasts, arteries, heart, liver, bones, vagina, brain and skin. It is also necessary to maintain proper functioning of our body’s own thermostat, to keep the skin in good condition and for proper bone formation.

With the right natural and/or Integrative Practitioner prescribing you the correct herbal medicine, supplementations and/or hormones (if needed), along with exercise, joy, good nutrition, sleep and positive thought patterns, there is no need for this to be an unwelcomed or annoying time in a woman’s life.


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