Mindful Eating – Reduce Stress

As always with gut complaints, start by addressing your lifestyle, including your stress levels – work/life balance. Eating too quickly, on the go and/or under stress will make it very difficult for your organs of digestion to function efficiently. Give them a helping hand by practicing ‘Mindful Eating’. This is eating whilst doing nothing else, and putting your food or utensils down in between each mouthful. Stop eating before you’re full, and try to eat a balanced diet high in plant- based, whole food. Once again S.L.O.W food wins – Seasonal. Local. Organic. Whole.

Fructose Malabsorption is reversible.

Try not to identify with your diagnosis – it is merely a symptom, your body telling you it’s not happy bout something. Address what needs to be changed in your life so there’s more rest, relaxation, joy, peace and nothingness. You will eat fructose again and this time it will be as nature intended us to have it, not as Nestle decided we needed it.


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