Avoid doing this if your are chronically constipated or have Leaky Gut or SIBO.


What: Colonic irrigation is a procedure that removes waste material including toxins gathered in the bowel over time/years. It is also known as ‘colonic hydrotherapy’ – a method of hydrating and toning the large intestine. Many since Hippocrates believe that disease begins in the colon so having a healthy colon is critical to good health and wellbeing.

Why: I tend to do this at the beginning of a detox/cleanse, so I know many toxins are being removed before I start. Colonics are known to improve your digestion – specifically by reducing nausea, IBS symptoms, bloating, bad breath, constipation and diarrhea; help to remove parasites, strengthen immunity, improve your skin, stimulate weight loss (don’t do it for this reason please), reduce allergic reactions, help reduce symptoms of chronic fatigue, prevent infection, increases nutrient absorption, and potentially improve sleep and decrease headaches.

How: It’s really important to seek out an experienced practitioner. Asking a friend for a referral is probably the best way, but if this isn’t possible, then when you call the potential clinic be sure to state it is your first colonic, so would like to know exactly what the procedure involves, and the cost. I wouldn’t recommend having anymore than 6 treatments over a month, and it’s not a good idea to have them often, so probably do a course like this once a year, then perhaps one or two at the beginning of each season. That’s how I tend to do it anyway. The first couple of treatments probably aren’t going to be fun at all, but after the water has softened the faecal matter then the ‘release’ flows easier

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