Oil of Oregano

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It’s distilled from the flowers and leaves of the oregano plant, and could be one of nature’s most powerful antibiotics. This natural and versatile oil can be used in many different ways to help defend you from infection by dangerous bacteria.

How It Works:

Oil of oregano contains a compound called ‘carvacrol’, which has been shown to help break through the outer cell membranes that help protect bacteria from the immune system. Studies have shown that oil of oregano is effective at killing bacteria, and could also help the immune system take action against viruses, fungi and parasites.

How to Use It:

– Make an oregano oil hand sanitizer: Because oregano oil is strong, you should first dilute it. Combine 10 drops of oregano oil with two tablespoons of coconut oil (or almond, jojoba, walnut or macadamia). Rub it into your hands as a natural hand sanitizer. It’ll look and feel a bit greasy at first but as it soaks in it will also help nourish your skin to keep your hands soft and smooth in the cooler months.

– Vaporize it: Dangerous bacteria can inhabit your respiratory system and cause problems. To help your immune system fight a respiratory infection, put one drop of oil of oregano in a bowl of steaming water. Put a towel loosely over your head and inhale the steam once a day until you feel better. Of course, if your doctor has prescribed you antibiotics, don’t stop taking them, and be sure to see a doctor if your symptoms are severe or don’t improve.

– Topically: Apply it diluted in a carrier oil like olive, jojoba or coconut. Do a test first. Use it on warts, skin tags, acne, eczema, fungal infections.

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