Panchakarma: Ayurvedic Astrology

On my second last day in Rishikesh, I finally scored myself an appointment with a doctor I’d heard great things about. And he ended up being about a 2 minute walk from where I was staying!

Ok, so this was an incredible hour of my life! He put his hand around each of my wrists, one at a time – to feel my pulse. With this – he understood me on a such a deep level, so much so that if I was new to this kind of thing – I might have felt vulnerable and perhaps ashamed, but at 50 – I know myself, and have learned to accept me, (most days).

The ancient science of Ayurveda and PK, allows the skilled practitioner to really see who you are. It’s a bit spooky really, but fascinating and validating at the same time.

His assistant Ella (my new BF) told me that during her first session with him she raced upstairs to her room to make sure he hadn’t in fact read her diary. 6 years later, cured of chronic illness and 18kg down – she runs his practice and organises his PK clients that come from all over the world.

He immediately told me that my mind is the source of my gut issues. Something I know, but amazing to be told this after he held my wrists for about 30 seconds. He then went on to explain the exact mental patterning I have that is causing my gut to be unhappy. Whoa! Now this was new info’. When I told my Mother what he said – she said ‘that’s exactly what you do and how you think’. Confirmation from the person who knows you best is always a good/enlightening thing.

He explained how the Sun (and Mercury) were strong in my birth chart, causing too much heat in my stomach, preventing proper digestion. To counteract this heat, he suggested I fast on Tuesdays – as this is the Sun’s day. (Each planet has a day where it is strongest.) So I’ve been doing this since I’ve been back. He suggested I eat nothing (but water) all day then have a bowl of #Kitchari for dinner – but I haven’t done this yet. Instead I’m having paw paw for brekky, then Kitchari for lunch then nothing for dinner. (It’s so much easier fasting when you don’t work and live close to your kitchen.) He also suggested 30 minutes of ‘Salute To The Sun’ – the yoga sequence.

Having your Ayurvedic astrology done (with a skilled and honest practitioner) will blow your mind! After all – aren’t we meant to know ourselves, our personality – then work to strip away all that isn’t working for us? To find our authentic Self…

A month after I’ve returned from my PK experience – I feel happier, healthier and more peaceful than I reckon I ever have been.

If you’re interested in doing PK somewhere good in India, and clean and safe – contact Ella on +91 96348 166 38. Tell her I sent you (for a discount and a speedy reply).


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