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Elixir: How To Use Food As Medicine (2nd Edition)

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Wouldn’t you like to know the nutritional benefits of certain foods? Not to mention how the changing seasons affect your body, what you should eat as you age and how you can use food to heal? In this fascinating and completely accessible book, Janella has combined her vast knowledge of food and nutrition to create this authoritative multi-disciplined guide designed to help us rethink our approach to food. With her eye firmly on moderation and the realities of daily life, Janella answers the questions that she encounters everyday in her naturopathy practice and shows us how to use food to combat a variety of ailments including headaches, fatigue, immunity problems, fertility issues and ‘Syndrome X’ among many others.

Presented in an easy-to-use A-Z format and infused with the holistic wisdom of Eastern medicine, Janella introduces us to an intriguing variety of super foods and shows us how to eat according to our needs. Also included are easy-to-prepare recipes using some wonderful ingredients that will quickly become part of your recipe repertoire.

Janella believes that the food we eat affects our physical body, mind and spirit. In this book she shares her expertise in food, health, nutrition and shows you how to care for yourself naturally and easily using food as medicine at home.

Elixir was nominated in the ‘Best Health & Nutrition’ category by the World Food Media Awards in 2005. It introduces us to what Eastern philosophy has been practicing for thousands of years – the interconnectedness of body, mind and spirit and how this affects our state of mind, health and personality.


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