Reducing Inflammation

By Janella Purcell 

I’d like to stress that I am not suggesting anyone quit their medication, especially without supervision. I am posting on how to deal with mild anxiety and depression using food as medicine, good supplementation and herbal medicine, and lifestyle changes. My hope is that more of us will be better equipped to know how best to care for ourselves and not let that Black Dog in when he or she comes a knockin’.

Many recent studies are showing a strong relationship between depression and inflammation, or even that depression is an inflammatory disorder. Depression is a state of immune activation, so there is a low-grade increase in the inflammation that occurs not only in depression but in most major psychiatric disorders. 

People who have the best quality diet have the lowest risk of development of depression and anxiety. We also know that diet affects immunity. Similarly we know that people who are the most physically active seem to have the lowest risks of developing depression/anxiety. Again this ties to immunity. We know that exercise reduces levels of inflammation in people’s bodies.

And let’s not forget getting enough quality sleep, regularly. 8 hours a night and an hours daytime nap. I hear you laugh at this – but it’s ideal. Any less than the 8 hours a day is likely to be adding to your toxic load, leading to oxidative stress (not good) and inflammation. Sleep! A lot!

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