Seafood Sustainability-TUNA

Tuna is now over-fished to the point that some species are very close to extinction. For the most part it is a corrupt and wasteful industry, with a Blue Fin tuna recently fetching close to $1m dollar in Japan. That’s how rare this sought after particular species of tuna is. Even though tuna is close to extinction many billions of people around the world are still eating it – and not just a little bit. ‪#‎janellasseafoodweek‬

Tuna fisherman now routinely use sonar, computer, and gps technology, combined with spotter aircraft, to locate tuna. Then the huge seiners scoop up the entire school of fish, allowing nothing to escape. Most of the top quality catch heads to Japan, and sushi and sashimi restaurants. Pacific Bluefin tuna have been fished to within an inch of their existence. The sleek, bullet shaped fish are now at dangerous 3 or 4% of their peak populations and yet demand for them has never been higher and the fishing fleets pursuing them have never been quite so powerful and relentless.

Yellowfin Tuna is on Greenpeace Australia Pacific’s Seafood Redlist. Greenpeace recommends Australian caught Skipjack Tuna as an alternative. AMCS (Australian Marine Conservation Society) lists Yellowfin Tuna as SAY NO. Forest & Bird (NZ) rank Yellowfin Tuna – AVOID in their Best Fish Guide. The IUCN Redlist of Threatened Species lists Yellowfin Tuna as ‘Near Threatened’. Historically overfished. Bycatch from fisheries is also a concern. As apex predators, Tuna are important to ecosystems.

TUNA: Yellowfin and Bluefin – Say NO.
(Note – Fish4Ever is one fishery catching tuna ethically – with a pole and line.)


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