VITAMIN D deficiency has been the topic of much discussion of late. Our wide spread deficiency is mostly due to indoor working environments, as we need 30 minutes of full body sun exposure a day – preferably in your birthday suit. If this isn’t possible then at least get the sun on your belly and inner thighs. This’ll gives you 10,000-20,000 iu of Vitamin D (5000 iu a day is enough.)

After you’ve been sun-kissed, don’t wash the Vitamin D3 off after its been created from being in the sun. wait at least an hour or more if you can.

Vit D is a cholesterol that’s converted in the body via the sun – if there’s enough. Vitamin D3 seems to be more important than Vitamin D2.

This vitamin (actually a hormone, not a vitamin) is mostly available from animal sources, or you can always use a natural, vegan supplement.

Most Vitamin D supplements are sourced from sheep lanolin, but you can also get them sourced from lichen, a plant that grows in a marine environment. This is a pure vegan Vitamin D3

– Ghee is high in good cholesterol, which can be converted to Vitamin D
– Cholesterol drugs (statins), lower Vitamin D3
– Dark skinned people need to be in the sun longer than fair skinned people to get the same amount of Vit D
– A deficiency has been specifically associated with autoimmune thyroid disease,
– Vitamin D is needed for calcium absorption.


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