Why we need Hemp.

First of all, what’s the difference between CBD & THC? Hemp and marijuana are both varieties of cannabis – but ‘Industrial Hemp’ contains very little if any (0.03 or les) THC (the stuff that gets one ’high’) while marijuana contains around 30%. Btw, CBD oil is cannabidiol in canabis. It does NOT have intoxicating effects. See diagram below:

For our health:

OMEGAS IN HEMP. Ancient pharmacologists discovered that hemp seeds were ideal as a source of food and here’s one reason why you need them in your life.
Hemp has the perfect balance of Omegas 3,6 & 9 – 2:1:1, as this is the ratio in which they are found naturally in human cells.
Many EFA (essential fatty acid) supplements are blended to reach this golden ratio, but Hemp oil naturally contains the Omegas in these proportions.
And as they are all from this one perfect source, the body can metabolize the Omegas in Hemp more readily, so is easily able to reap the benefits.

THE FIBRE IN HEMP. 35% of the whole seed is fibre – 10% higher than flax seeds. Fibre helps to eliminate toxins (and too much oestrogen) from the body via your bowel and for this reason helps in lowering your risk of colon, breast, prostate and rectum cancer – and heart disease.

It will also help to keep your blood sugar stable, your skin nice, your gut happy, immunity strong and increase your life expectancy. What’s not to like?

For our environment:


For construction:

Hemp can be used as a sustainable building material .

Check out the hemp houses that have been built: https://au.pinterest.com/search/pins/?q=hemp+houses&rs=typed&0=hemp%7Ctyped&1=houses%7Ctyped 

For our clothing and personal hygiene:

COTTON vs HEMP. Plus, cotton is now a GMO crop. (Be sure to buy organic cotton tampons and pads.) TOM Organic


Hemp Yarn

For Skin health:

HEMP + YOUR SKIN. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, hemp has a ‘cool’ energetic quality – so wonderful for treating ‘hot’ conditions such as eczema (literally meaning ‘boiling over’), and psoriasis.

The ‘cooling’ powers of ‪#‎Hemp‬ calms and soothes the skin and restores balance to the body. (Flaxseed oil btw, is ‘warm’.)

Check out Made In Hemp‘s range of hemp creams for the skin.

Hemp is so useful!
Source: thesoutherninstitute.com.

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