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Chia & berry jamBy JanellaThis yummy spread contains loads of antioxidants, protein, vitamin A and omega 3, and it's raw, gluten and dairy free and vegan. Perfecto!
Kale, ‪Hemp‬ and Flax Oil PestoBy JanellaA raw, vegan, nut- free, super natural pesto. If you don't have hemp seeds then you can use sunflower seeds, or any nut like walnut, macadamia's, almond or pistachio's. And you can use olive, walnut or macadamia oil instead of the flax oil.
Clear Skin Green SmoothieBy JanellaThe mandarin — being an orange fruit — is full of vitamin A so its wonderful for great skin and immunity. Broccoli is a great liver food and helps to detox your body, contributing to lovely skin. The kale and blueberries are top of the antioxidant chart, so they'll help to reduce toxins in your body. The hemp seeds are a great source of omega 3 fatty acids and will help keep your skin moist. And the coconut water, of course, will keep your skin hydrated.
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