My Recipes

My Recipes
Coconut Fudge BallsBy JanellaA lovely sweet treat to curb sweet cravings, whilst working as food as medicine.
Janella’s Green weightloss SmoothieBy Janella

The green smoothie will help clean your liver out thereby processing fats more effectively. (serves 2)

Flax is known to be great for weight loss and also to balance hormones. The green leafy’s will help clean your liver out thereby processing fats more effectively. The chia seeds swell in your tummy keeping you full for longer so decrease sugar cravings. Coconut is brilliant to aid weight loss thanks to the medium chain fatty acids. Grapefruit and lemon have long been valued for its weight loss properties, and pear is a high fibre fruit so again wonderful for weight loss by keeping your digestive tract clean and blood sugar even. 

Millet and Miso Vegetable SoupBy JanellaGF DF VG V NF This is a really lovely, super-quick soup to eat at any age: from 1 to 100. Millet has been shown to reduce an overgrowth of Candida and the studies being done on its role in cancer prevention are exciting. Blend this soup for babies and toddlers, and feel free to add any other veggies you have.
Chopped Salad with Black beans and Pomegranate MolassesBy JanellaGF DF VG V SF NF GrF Chopped salads are popular in Middle Eastern cuisine. Chop everything up to a similar size then toss it all in a bowl together and dress. I use a fine sieve to drain and rinse my tinned beans. (Be sure any tinned food you buy proudly displays no BPAs are used in the lining. This highly toxic substance leaches into the food inside.) Of course, you can use soaked and cooked dried beans if you have the time or inclination. See Lentil salad with spiced yoghurt (page 80 'Janella's SuperNatural foods) for how to easily do this.
Tempeh in Nori with Rocket and AvocadoBy JanellaGF DF VG V NF For the person who likes a savoury start (or middle or end) to their day, you’re going to just love this. Personally, it’s one of my favourites. Tempeh is a plant protein so will keep you nicely full for longer, and being fermented and loaded with fibre, it will be of great benefi to your immune system and digestive tract.
Quinoa Breakfast pattiesBy JanellaGF DF V SF NF I usually have leftover quinoa in the fridge, which makes preparing this breakfast super-quick.
Ful MedamesBy JanellaGF DF VG V SF NF Literally meaning ‘stewed dried beans’, Ful is a common breakfast in the Middle East, and we’ve recently started catching on. Ful is made up of broad beans, spices, sometimes a boiled egg, and pieces of flatbread. It’s traditionally made with dried beans that require hours of preparation, but I’ve written a modern day Ful recipe so we can enjoy it more often, as it’s faster to put together. Of course Ful isn’t limited to the morning – it can be enjoyed at any time of the day or night.
Raw Carrot & Coconut SoupBy JanellaGF DF VG V SF NF GrF R I first had a version of this soup in Bali at a health retreat. It was love at first slurp. This is my take on it. For a faster preparation time, you can buy the carrot juice but just make sure it’s cold-pressed or at least contains no additives.
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