Boosting Immunity

There are many reasons we get sick. Stress is a big one, poor quality food is another. Not getting enough […]

Date, Tahini and Cardamom Smoothie for ‘Tahini Week’.

This is a heavenly smoothie to have mid afternoon, as it’s quite filling so will keep you going through to […]

Tahini, Quinoa and Chia Balls

Straight out of the oven. Oh yeah! I didn’t want to run the oven with only these in it, so […]

Tahini, Quinoa and Chia Balls

‘Tahini, Quinoa and Chia Balls’ – recipe for ‘Tahini Week’. Lots of you liked the Brown Rice Balls I had […]

Tahini + Miso Dressing – for ‘Tahini Week’

A regular sight on my plate. Mix 1:3 Shiro Miso paste to hulled tahini, then add lemon juice, crushed garlic […]

‘Your Creations’ by Vidanka Vasilevski

‘Hi Janella, I made your raspberry chia muffins and added some coconut frosting just because I could! Such an easy […]

Tahini Bombs – recipe for ‘Tahini Week’

Tahini Bombs A great little nut-free treat. Makes about 16 ½ cup tahini, hulled 1/3 cup raw honey, rice syrup, […]

Organic black beluga lentils

Like a kg of these babies aren’t coming home with me. Into tomorrow’s soup I reckon. According to TCM dark […]

Janella heaven

Bulk dry goods, oils and cleaning products. Save on packaging, chemicals and trips to the shop. Getting more seeds to […]

‘Your creations’ by Peta Dent

Send you creations of my recipe to This month I’m giving away 3 copies of my book ‘Elixir’ for […]